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Can an academic project help you build your future?

YES, an awesome Academic project will help you achieve the unthinkable, whether you are opting for placements, higher studies or even a business of your own. Don’t believe us? Check out these examples Instagram, Google, LISP, Green Water project etc. are giants in the field of innovation and technology and they all began as Academic projects!.

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Who! Why aren’t we doing it?

As Techies we always dream about creating things, but there are few things that hold us back. Our course structure, university norms, Submissions and lack of expert guidance may make us neglect importance of our Academic project and may force us to go for readymade projects. But….

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Hey, let’s not go for readymade projects

We are Techies and we are supposed to create things, right? Then why should we spoil the first opportunity to showcase the creativity and our love for the technology plus your own work will always earn you higher grade.

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What is Opulent Mentorship Program?

Well Opulent Mentorship Program is designed by Techies for you (new budding Techies) to help you implement your academic project with ease, efficiency and expert guidance. We have experts in all Domains and subdomains of Computer Engineering, Electronics and Mechanical engineering which will not only help you technically but will also guide you to make most of it.



Working with industry experts on developing the academic projects


Best students will be given placement offers best projects will be given investment offers


Conducting our own exhibitions and competitions also encouraging participation in other events.


Workshop on presentation skills to help in competitions and career.


Workshop on how to file for patents, commercialize the project and start a business.


Workshop on how to identify problems and find solutions


Comprehensive training on technologies used in the academic project


Workshop on choosing the best current technologies to learn and use in the academic project


Placement Opportunities

From the students interested and qualified for placements, Opulent and our associate companies will recruit students in core and other interesting profiles.


The best teams and ideas will be funded and mentored by Opulent and launched as startups. Petricore, a startup accelerator and Opulent’s partner will also help sustain and grow the startup in its initial stage, when the probability of failing is high!


Those who want to ply their trade as freelancers, will be mentored and helped to get started.


Who is eligible for the mentorship program?

Everyone with the desire and willpower to learn is eligible. Even the ones who have selected and registered topics already, can execute those ideas under our mentorship program and be eligible for career opportunities!!!

Are we charging for it? How Much?

Yes, just around 4999 per person! (That’s less than a canteen coffee cost in a year!) And you would pay as much by going for a ready-made project, anyways! Why not avail all these benefits at the same cost?

Why do we have to charge for it?

Firstly, quality training costs a lot of money. More importantly, whatever little profits we may earn through this program will help us fund our ongoing projects that will do a lot of good for India (we are tackling women safety, preventable deaths and lot of other issues).

Any discounts?

Yes! When you refer other groups, both you and those groups get a heavy discount! So be a good friend and spread the word. Keep referring and you may complete the program for free!