• Walking bicycle

    Fitness is more fun with a treadmill bicycle. Running on a conventional treadmill can be too boring. Treadmill bicycle gives you ease of running combined with awesomeness of cycling. Cycling is fun, thrill and exciting, it gives you chance to explore the nature. Whereas treadmill is a sophisticated indoor fitness machine. We have designed this innovative hybrid mobility device which is a combination of cycle and treadmill.

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  • Automatic Wheel Chair Assist

    A manual wheelchair is a very inefficient form of transportation. Use of a manual wheelchair requires significant strength, especially to traverse up or down inclines and to propel for long distances. Using a wheelchair for an extended amount of time can cause chronic shoulder pain. Power wheelchairs are heavy, expensive and difficult to carry for this reason, many individuals, prefer a manual wheelchair over a power chair. This add-on system to the existing manual wheel chair is a very economically feasible solution for powering the wheel chair and reducing the effort for driving the wheel chair.

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  • Portable Solar Water Heater

    The Portable Solar Water Heating Unit is designed for compact solar water heating everywhere without high installation costs. It is the most practical and economic way to have hot water from solar energy. Mounting set and security hardware are included, which allows "plug & play" functionality. Thanks to the compact design, it is easy to move the unit from one place to another. This Solar Water Heating Unit can be used on walls, balconies, terraces, gardens, roofs, camping and summer houses.

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  • Portable Air Cooler

    Our portable air cooler is designed to move from room to room to help keep you comfortable whichever room you are in. You don't need to cool down the entire room to feel comfortable. Cooling down the air in your immediate surroundings is sufficient to keep your cool. You can also carry the air cooling unit to camping and outdoors. The defining element that separates air cooler from other designs is their portability and cooling mechanism. The cooling mechanism not only provides economic cooling solution but also is clean and environment friendly.

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  • Smart voting system for transparent democracy.

    The voting system is a set of rules which define how the desire of people may be expressed and how results may be achieved from it. For this purpose a SMART Voting Machine (SVM) is introduced which will replace the conventional methods of voting i.e. manual voting. Proposed machine is faster, more efficient, more reliable and error free as compared to manual voting system which is slower, poses full day fatigue on people and chances of error are greater. Its main feature is its ease to operate and biometric verification system which will not only induce transparency in the process but will also prevent discrepancies. Voter polls a vote very easily and final results are displayed in no time by just pressing a result button, after the elections have been conducted.

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  • Smart gloves for Wheel chair control

    We are moving towards innovative ways to control our appliances. This concept is replacement of the popular joystick stick controlled wheel chair, with a hand-glove control system for easier maneuvering by bending the fingers. Intended users control the system by wearing an instrumented glove fitted with flex or bend sensors for controlling the movement and direction of the wheelchair. Uni-directional wireless communication exists between the instrumented gloves and the controller which is sandwiched between the user's seat and the wheels. Such innovative control mechanism can be used for many applications like women safety, Home Automation and Gaming.

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  • Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm

    In today’s world there is an increasing need to create artificial arms for different inhuman situations where human interaction is difficult or impossible. They may involve taking readings from an active volcano to diffusing a bomb. We are building a robotic arm controlled by natural human arm movements. We propose a straight forward technique of tracking the human hand using the robotic arm by image processing. This robot control mechanism will prevent humans from getting exposed to extreme environments and will enable humans to overcome the limitations of working in such conditions.

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  • Brain machine interface

    Brain machine interface has been one of the growing fields of research and development in recent years. The system which is used for disable persons to restore their everyday communication and control. A direct brain-computer interface would add a new dimension to man-machine interaction. A brain-computer interface, sometimes called a direct neural interface or a brain machine interface, is a direct communication pathway between a human brain or brain cell culture and an external device.

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  • Don't sleep and drive

    Driver Aided system provides overall driver fatigue detection and help to the driver for traffic sign detection. It integrates all features in one system to get accurate result and to improve driving performance. This system alerts driver under drowsiness. Alarms used for alerting driver contain different levels and types which are based on critical level of driver fatigue condition. Detection techniques and processing is performed on the smarphone unit which makes the system cost effective.

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  • Sherlock

    Sherlock is a sensor based mobile application for smartphones. It includes a lot of features which enhances security and considers both energy consumption and user friendliness. Sherlock modifies working of the device according to surroundings and invokes auto call picker feature of the application. In a close environment, it also enables light of at calling time feature. It even checks for noise threshold, application automatically starts voice recording, for 10 seconds, and uploads it on the configured email id. One of the best features of Sherlock is unauthenticated access - if someone draws the wrong unlock pattern, then application triggers a photograph from front camera, and also marks the GPS co-ordinates from GPS receiver and sends them to the configured email id. These are a few features of the Sherlock that make it the next big thing in the upcoming technologies.

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  • Multi-tracking system

    Integrating GSM and GPS technology can prove to be a flamboyant solution for many unsolved problems. Multi tracking system is the combination of these two technologies. Multi-Tracking System is the desire for advanced features in an inexpensive receiver. There are many applications in which this technology can be incorporated. This system not only makes navigation easier but also the ability to track the object easier. It can easily be fit in your vehicle or your electronic devices and they can be tracked with a lot of ease and simplicity. Some other applications which can include this technology are AutoPilot systems, Tracing, Race Application, Theft Detection etc.

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  • New way to try out clothes while shopping

    Virtual try-on can help to speed-up the process of repeated trial of clothes while shopping as the shopper can see the clothes on their body without actually wearing them, or narrow down her selections before physical try-on. Furthermore, it can enhance the user’s shopping experience through new features, such as simultaneous comparison of various clothes and concurrent viewing of outfits from different angles. This latest way of trying out clothes without actually trying them on, is revolutionizing the fashion all over the world.

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