SmartKheti provides controller for automation of the “Drip Irrigation System along with fertijet”, “Drip Irrigation System” is a mobile app based solenoid valve controller for Drip Irrigation Systems. Hassle free operation for luxurious irrigation from anywhere across the globe at the click of a button. Schedule watering timings for each farm and rest back for months without worrying. Automatic modulation in valve timings based on available water in well & seasonal conditions. Receive notifications & reminders about the controller operations on your phone.“ This application helps user to control their drip valves and fertigation from anywhere.

Features of Automation

  • Mobile App based controller: Start, stop, alter & operate full controller remotely from anywhere worldwide.
  • Weekly Scheduler Schedule irrigation for different days & time Automatic adjustment as per season.
  • Visually Interactive Panel Network & Electricity Availability Indicator Manual Panel incase of failure of phone/app
  • Protection Triple Layered Load Protection from fluctuation IP65 Protection for water resistance.

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